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Say hello to Recommendations

Recommendations are the new black… err.. ratings. You know what I mean. I’m sure most of our regular users have noticed the new Recommendations feature that I soft-launched throughout the site a few days ago. As was kindly suggested by our beta … Continue reading

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Revamping reading

I’m sure a lot of you are already aware of this, since the changes have been up for over twelve hours, but I figured I’d let the folks just showing up to the party know about the rather extensive changes … Continue reading

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PDFs for the people!

Got a nifty new feature for you tonight, folks. If you’re following @protagonize on Twitter, you might have seen my tweet about it last night. PDF support is now live for all stories! Yes, this means you can now save … Continue reading

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New feature: Navigate to previous story branches

Unlike the relatively obvious notifications and comments features I’ve added in the last month or so, here’s a little addition I made last weekend that you may not have noticed. Take a look at the screenshot to the right: notice anything different? Yeah, … Continue reading

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