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Commenting, fluffy kittens, and you

What’s a good rating to receive? A high 5? 4? The much hated 0.5? Really, no rating is perfect without an honest opinion to back it up. We’re all writers here, and I’d wager that most of you are like … Continue reading

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Say hello to Recommendations

Recommendations are the new black… err.. ratings. You know what I mean. I’m sure most of our regular users have noticed the new Recommendations feature that I soft-launched throughout the site a few days ago. As was kindly suggested by our beta … Continue reading

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Ratings, hate-raters, and you

I noticed a discussion topic in the Collaborative Corner this evening that I thought might be worth discussing on the blog. Without going into too much detail, a topic was originally created with a parting mention of “no hate raters”, as … Continue reading

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Fake accounts and you

Due to a spate of recent incidents regarding this subject, I feel the need to give everyone a little refresher on the site’s rules and regulations. While we’ve had our share of spammers and marketers clearly violating the rules of … Continue reading

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Self-ratings go the way of the dodo

As you may have noticed today — or may not, depending on how you rate stuff — I’ve gone ahead and made one of the changes I had suggested in one of the surveys I posted over the last couple of … Continue reading

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