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Sharing Passion

No, this isn’t a blog post to highlight the important role of the Like button on Protagonize (it is important, right?). It’s just me sharing an “aha!” moment I recently had. We all like to get riled up by ratings … Continue reading

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Ratings, hate-raters, and you

I noticed a discussion topic in the Collaborative Corner this evening that I thought might be worth discussing on the blog. Without going into too much detail, a topic was originally created with a parting mention of “no hate raters”, as … Continue reading

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A pair of feedback requests

Although the blog has been silent for a few weeks, I assure you I’m still alive and kicking. In fact, I took a good two-week holiday from the site while off in the Dominican Republic in August, letting the charming and … Continue reading

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Are you part of a real-world writing group?

Something I’ve been asking myself lately is this how many of Protagonize‘s 7,100+ authors are actually part of a real-world writing group. My semi-educated guess, based on membership demographics, is that there’s a small percentage of you who do belong to … Continue reading

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