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A sneak preview of Protagonize 2.0

Since I launched Protagonize back in late December of 2007, the site has had a pretty distinctive look and feel — something we’ve all become comfortable with, and which has slowly grown to represent much of the site and community’s ethos, or … Continue reading

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Say hello to Recommendations

Recommendations are the new black… err.. ratings. You know what I mean. I’m sure most of our regular users have noticed the new Recommendations feature that I soft-launched throughout the site a few days ago. As was kindly suggested by our beta … Continue reading

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Story endings & updated browsing filters

Do you hear that sigh of relief? Yeah, that’s me. Sigh. I’ve finally gotten around to implementing a feature our Protagonize authors have been asking for… yeah, well, err… over two years. Endings. Yes, your stories (or poems, writing exercises, or what … Continue reading

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Selecting your own content license

After a little turmoil around Protagonize’s global site licensing policies last week, I’ve completed the changes I had discussed in my previous post. All of our authors should now be able to select a default license by editing their profiles. The … Continue reading

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Content licensing changes you should be aware of

To preface this, let me be very clear that the changes I’m implementing should be nothing but positive for our authors. I wouldn’t make a negative change without consulting you all first, but this is something that I feel is … Continue reading

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