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Maintenance downtime

Hi folks, UPDATE @ 2:34am PST: Site’s back up! Beta testers, enjoy the new features. (Hint: check the “Activity” menu!) Just a quick note to let you all know that the site will be down for approximately an hour (barring … Continue reading

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Why should I publish my work on Protagonize?

I was originally going to post this as a comment on this story, but it’s looking a little long. I eventually decided to write it in as a chapter in the existing “story.” Bleh. That doesn’t work at all, does … Continue reading

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Video roundup for June 2-8, 2008

I apologize, I missed a week between video blog updates. To make up for it, this video’s longer than last week’s… (actually, it wasn’t on purpose; work with me here, people!) This week, the video’s lighting is a touch better, … Continue reading

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We've moved to new digs

Our apologies if you happened to run into any downtime while visiting the site in the last 12 hours or so. Protagonize has just moved to a new dedicated server at ServerBeach, a Peer1 company. We had some trouble with … Continue reading

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