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A preview and a retrospective

Hey folks. Been a couple of months since I’ve posted anything about new development on the site, so I figured you were all due for an update on what’s been going on, and what’s coming soon. This should tide you … Continue reading

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I just wanted to clarify a few things that I said in a comment thread on this story, in a place where everyone could see them. Here’s my original comment: “I understand your concerns, guys, but I’d ask that you … Continue reading

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A few upcoming treats

It’s Monday, and it’s the first work day back in January for many people (including myself.) In Vancouver, it’s currently grey and slushy, with a mild case of yuck. Cars are slipping and sliding all over town, sidewalks are buried … Continue reading

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One year young

Christmas has passed us by, with New Year’s left to come in a few short days. Everyone’s stuffed to the gills with turkey, burnt out on malls and shopping in general in the aftermath of Boxing Day, and looking forward … Continue reading

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New feature: Story settings

So you may think I’m a couple of days late in posting this, but you’d be wrong (wrong, I say!)┬ábecause I just pushed some fresh changes to Protagonize yesterday that you should all find useful. The Story settings window is … Continue reading

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