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It’s Adopt-a-Prawn Day!

Howdy, Prawntagonizers! Hope you’re all enjoying our brand-spankin’-new format today. It’s the first day of what I hope will be a long and prosperous journey into the world of seafood-related creative writing. And today, we kick it off with a … Continue reading

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Protagonize turns 3!

It was three years ago this evening that I launched Protagonize, after several months of working off-and-on, followed by a couple of weeks of working like a maniac. I still look back on those days and wonder how in the … Continue reading

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We heart ponies!!

Here at Pro.. err.. Ponytagonize, we’ve always had a major hankering fierce, burning love for all things pony. You may not have realized it from the start, but we’re all about the ponies. And I’m not talking laying bets at … Continue reading

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Protagonize Pub night, Vancouver chapter!

I’m a little bit behind in posting this, but it’s already been posted in a couple of spots (including in the Protagonize Pub group and on Facebook), so here goes. We’ve got an informal meetup (which I’m calling the Protagonize Pub night) happening … Continue reading

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The Protagonize Winter Challenge

With Christmas less than a week away, and many of us enjoying holidays at home with our loved ones, what better time to launch the Protagonize Winter Challenge competition? This time around — and in the spirit of the season, of … Continue reading

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