Plotting, Planning, Probably Perspiring

NaNoWriMo 2013!It’s that time of year again! Those of us in the northern hemisphere are searching for scarves, wrapping our hands around hot beverages, and pretending we’re dragons with each warm breath. Those in the southern hemisphere are… I’m not too sure what goes on down there, could someone fill me in? I’ll just assume the Australian crowd is busy avoiding spiders and drop bears as usual.

Whatever the weather in your part of the world, October brings a challenge to all writers: preparing for National Novel Writing Month! For those of you unaware, NaNoWriMo is a month-long marathon of novel writing held each November. Anyone can win this race, and many people do! Your only competitor is yourself, and simply finishing a 50,000 word story of some sort qualifies you for a nifty badge. (“Simply” might not be the best choice of adverb. I’m open to suggestions on that one.)

Most of the fun is over on the NaNoWriMo website, but that’s not to say you should abandon Protagonize on November 1st!

The official Protagonize NaNo group is dusting itself off in preparation, and offers lots to this year’s participants. You can find a writing buddy to keep you on track, get advice on preparing for your NaNo Novel, and maybe even get some inspiration if you become stuck along the way. Many authors also choose to post their novels-in-progress on Protagonize.

So, how prepared are you for this year? Will you be obsessively world building until midnight on October 31st, sugar-high on Halloween candy? Or are you going in blind with nothing but a few notes on a dirty napkin? Let us know how you’re doing in the comments!

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.

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6 Responses to Plotting, Planning, Probably Perspiring

  1. Nosi says:

    This will be my third NaNo attempt and I’m hoping to make it 2/3. Last year I finished all 50000 words, this year I’m writing the sequel and have a bunch of stuff planned. I’ll be posting my NaNo on Protag as usual ^_^

  2. Elorithryn says:

    I’ll be participating in NaNo for my 4th year. I’ve won all previous rounds, but this time I’m rebelling and doing some editing instead. Still debating on posting it up or not.

    :} Elorithryn

  3. Jackerbie says:

    @Nosi, congrats on the win last year! Hope 2013 goes just as well for you. Maybe you have some tips to share in the NaNo Protagonize group?

    @Elorithryn, here’s hoping your streak continues! Will you be writing in the Vervellian universe again this year?

  4. Mark Sargent says:

    I’ve already been plotting and planning. Mostly worldbuilding. My project this NaNo is a fantasy western. I’ve gotten some geography sorted out, a major accomplishment was figuring out how magic was going to work, and I’ve fleshed out the race of Gargoyles that’s going to populate part of the world. I’ve also gotten the core characters fleshed out, and I’m trying to get the villain’s motivations better pinned down in advance of the plot map I intent to do. If I can get that finished before Nov. first I’ll consider my preparations a success.

    Hopefully preplanning will mean actual success this NaNo. Previous attempts of mine have all fallen short, though I’ve never prepared this extensively for it before. With any luck nanoprep will make the difference.

  5. Jackerbie says:

    @Mark, best of luck to you! My first (and only) attempt at NaNo didn’t even gather enough steam to crash and burn. Just sort of fizzled out with a muffled ‘pop’ after a few days.

  6. Angel of Darkness says:

    I won NaNo last year, and I honestly don’t know how, because I only decided I was entering on the night of the 31st, and had no ideas at all! Attempting it again this year, but I have everything planned out in my head this time :) I was originally going to do a sort of a sci-fi/romance hybrid, but I’m going for my psycho-horror idea (surprise, surprise) as it’s the more developed idea :D

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