A Home for Every Orphan

A Home for Every Orphan

You might already know that Protagonize has it’s own Pub, but did you know there’s a Protagonize orphanage, too? There is! Sort of.

Stores with only one chapter, the root, are known as orphans. You can look at all the orphaned stories when browsing by story type.

Just like their namesakes, Protagonize orphans are in need of a little love. Adding chapters to an orphan is often a great way to meet new authors, get your name out in the Protagonize community, and participate in collaborative writing. Even if the story doesn’t end up going anywhere, it’s always nice to see a chapter or two added to one’s work.

But what if you want to see an orphaned story completed?

Well, you might be interested in the Collaborative Writing Contest! We’ll be taking an orphaned story and challenging the participants in the contest to write on chapter each in chain fashion. There will be a small panel of expert judges who will review and critique each chapter, eventually selecting the three top contestants. These three will then submit a final chapter to be voted on by all the contestants and judges to determine the ending! Exciting, eh?

And what’s a contest without a prize? In addition to the pride of winning the first ever Collaborative Writing Contest, the winner will be able to participate in the next contest as a judge, where the orphaned work is one of their own!

For details on signing up and the contest structure, please visit the official contest group page.

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