Say hello to Protagonize 2.0

If you’ve been watching our Facebook page recently, you’ll know that I’ve been teasing our fans and members with hints at a big announcement for the last week. Not to mention the various screenshots posted over the last few months.

Well, here we go.

It’s definitely been a long time coming, but today’s a huge milestone for both myself and our writing community as a whole. I proud to finally say that I’m able to announce a firm launch date for our new site: Protagonize 2.0 will officially launch on Wednesday, August 15th, 2012.

A very big day all around!

You’ve all been amazingly supportive and patient with the ongoing development of our shiny new site, for which I’m very grateful for. As I’m sure many of you know, Protagonize is operated and developed by a very small team (of one), and our awesome volunteer moderators. Our beta group has also been very helpful in testing new features and helping track down bugs throughout this process. Our re-design has been ongoing for many months, including frequent delays due the balancing act I have to perform between Protagonize, my day job as a consultant, and my (growing) family. Again, thank you for your patience.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting blog updates highlighting some of our new features and describing how they work, the goal being an easy transition for all of you to the new interface, and a better understanding of how stuff works. I realize many of you are very comfortable with using the site right now, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the change is a welcome one. Plus, who doesn’t love new toys? :)

There are still a few tweaks and issues to iron out over the next few days — hence the 10-day window before our official launch — but I’m really looking forward to sharing the new site with all of you. I’m sure you’re all going to love it.

As a parting gift, I’ll leave you with a look at the new Reading List page that all of you will soon find on your author profiles (click to enlarge). Enjoy!

Reading List

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17 Responses to Say hello to Protagonize 2.0

  1. Waltz says:

    Operated and developed by a team of *one*? I must say, as a fellow front-end developer, I am thoroughly impressed. How do you handle the development of dynamic pages? Do you use any sort of templating? Use any cool open-source projects? :)

    Anyway, the new look is pretty fantastic, and have a good launch!

    • Nick says:

      Hey Waltz,

      The site is custom-built from top-to-bottom. I do the front-end and back-end dev on it. The only templating system is the one that I’ve built. :)

  2. Jo says:

    FINALLY is all i can say haha …. looks epic Nick!

  3. SumnerzAngel says:

    So… I’ll go on holiday knowing Protag version 1 and return to find version 2.0?? :o I am excited, though; that reading list is sharp style! I guess the stories are automatically ‘recorded’ there?

    • Nick says:

      Hey Angel, yup, the reading list is a combination of your markers, faves, recommended works, as well as recommendations from authors you follow. It’s a lot more useful than what we have now. (It’s also visible to everyone, instead of hidden.)

  4. Insanity says:

    Looks awesome. :) Can’t wait to see it. Thank you soooooo much for all your hard work.

  5. Dawid says:

    I love the look of new Protag! It will be great, I cannot wait! Thanks Nick for all your hard work on this =)

  6. Bartimaeus says:

    The new Protag will retain all of our works from the old one right?? Just a little protective writer paranoia hehe ^^

  7. Miriam Joy says:

    Eee! Exciting!
    (Damn my phone not letting me comment on this sooner.)
    I think I’ll take advantage of the new layout to prune a lot of my old works from the site, start not-quite-afresh, as it were :) No one will notice, they’ll be too busy playing around with the new features!
    By the way, in case I haven’t mentioned it, you do an awesome job of managing the website, Nick.

  8. Elorithryn says:

    Hm… Maybe I’ll finally update my Author Profile and what not… perhaps a new picture – *giggles* Shame the one I’m using to Beta has too dark a background to been ssen. So funny how much like me my old character from DAoC looks. *grins*

    Can’t wait Nick!

  9. xkatanaxiv says:

    Yayyyy! Good job, Nick, I’m looking forward to it (as Miriam Joy said, it’s also a good chance to prune my list of works, update my profile, etc…). The new look is fabulous. Can’t wait to try it out. So exciting!!!!


  10. ChaosBeing says:

    It exists! :O

    I kid, I kid. Like Waltz, I know how much work you must put into the site, and hearing that you made everything from scratch is just that much more impressive. A nice, firm pat on the back from me.

    The new site looks really sleek, and I’m looking forward to the reading list, as well as a lot of the other features you’ve been showing on facebook. I think we’re all holding our breath for the 15’th!

  11. ElzuWolfe says:

    very impressive, can’t wait… glad I read this, I would have been thoroughly confused next week when I came around to coming on here!

  12. i5abella says:

    I CAN’T WAIT!!! i have loved protag from the moment I set my fingers to typing on the sight, and now there is a new protag on the way! new toys to tinker with yay, prefict now I can post my new work!!!

  13. DTMN says:

    Wow.. Published the day my results come out. That will be a day of mixed emotions I feel.

  14. Artemisian says:

    Eeeek!!! Looking forward to this :D The new design looks awesome and I like the way you can look through what people have been up to without having to scroll down loads. Very pretty :) Just a couple more hours!

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