Sharing Passion

No, this isn’t a blog post to highlight the important role of the Like button on Protagonize (it is important, right?). It’s just me sharing an “aha!” moment I recently had.

We all like to get riled up by ratings and stress the importance of comments. I’m not here to convince you to change the way you use the site and interact with content. I don’t want to lecture you on the supposed ills of your behaviour. I have plenty of other Ptag posts where I’ve done that already. No, I just want to relate my own experience.

A few days back I was cruising through some of the completed works, looking for something to read. I was craving an ending, y’know? Anyway, I found some stories that looked interesting, gave them a read through, left a few comments and recommended one.

No big deal, right?

The next day I logged in and saw that one of those works was now on the most recommended list. Funny, because it had no recommendations the day before, and my comment was the only one. Suddenly the work had attracted three more comments and two recommendations. Why? I’d like to think that the sudden popularity was all my doing, but I know it wasn’t. Yes, I left that first comment and first recommendation, but I left them for a reason: the author did a great job telling the story!

The Protagonize community rewards those who put time into their writing, as time reflects passion. When you share you passion with others, often times the sharing continues. Sure, not every piece you write will garner a huge audience, and some might slip under the tide of newly posted chapters, stories, and pages. A little persistence goes a long ways and, if you’re here because of your passion for writing, readership shouldn’t be your be-all and end-all.

Then again, seeing those “one new comment was left on your work” notifications at the top of the page are always nice.

So keep on reading and, more importantly, keep on writing!

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3 Responses to Sharing Passion

  1. Miriam Joy says:

    Yes – very true! All it takes is for someone to start the ball rolling and all sorts of people will read it, so all you have to do is find something to read!
    Speaking of that, I’m really terrible at reading other people’s work….

  2. xkatanaXIV says:

    It’s a pretty relatable thought. On the days when you’re looking for something, you find ten things and then one or two you like, you’ll want to tell someone about em, right? Reccomending stories is quite a good idea. I like it. It’s not really about ratings (though getting high ratings does feel good!) but about whether people will want to read your work in the first place

  3. Kelly says:

    So true. I personally would rather see somebody’s personal thoughts or recommendations about something, rather then just the old “like button”. Word are more powerful.

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