It’s Adopt-a-Prawn Day!

Welcome to Prawntagonize!Howdy, Prawntagonizers! Hope you’re all enjoying our brand-spankin’-new format today. It’s the first day of what I hope will be a long and prosperous journey into the world of seafood-related creative writing.

And today, we kick it off with a bang: prawns!

Have you all considered adopting a prawn? It’s really something everyone who has a few spare bucks in their pocket should think about doing.

You’ve heard of Adopt-a-Highway programs, right? Where folks shell out a few dollars to clean up a stretch of highway? Well, the official Protagonize Adopt-a-Prawn­™ Program works quite the same way, except instead of contributing to your local or municipal government’s coffers, you just need to change your profile image to something prawn-y.

If you’re feeling slightly more generous, you may consider participating in the (slightly more expensive) Sponsor-a-Prawnâ„¢ program, keeping young, troubled prawns off the streets and away from drugs, prawnstitution, the Department of Fisheries. Feel free to donate to Prawntagonize if this cause suits you. :)

I encourage you all to follow my lead, and prawnify your profiles. Without our support, prawns all over the world will be reduced to mere dinner (or worse yet, lunch.) Show your solidarity, stop by the newly revamped Prawntagonize Pub, and be prawned!

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9 Responses to It’s Adopt-a-Prawn Day!

  1. darkliquid says:

    This has been a long time coming Nick, prawns have been unrepresented in the creative writing community for a long time. Can not a prawn be the hero of a world-spanning epic? Can not a prawn feel? Can it not bleed?

    You’ve done a brave thing, standing up for our beady-eyed friends and bringing them to the fore as more than just mere foodstuffs. When our new seafood overlords rule the Earth, you shall be remembered as the first prophet of our sea-Lord!

    Loving the redesign Nick, it’s so good, it’s practically prawnagraphic.

  2. Ritu Prawncharya says:

    Oh damn. Now you made me feel so bad. Last night, I ate a prawn. I never thought about its sacrifice, what it gave up to be in my stomach. Think about it. We eat them(they’re so good), they fill up our stomachs and satisfy our taste buds, but do we ever do anything for them? NO! I thank you Nick, for taking this stand.

  3. Spook says:

    At last! It is time these magnificent beasts got the representation they deserve! I have always mourned the fate of so many of these resplendent monarchs of the sea being served up with such indignity in restaurants and TV dinners.

    Prawn lovers unite!

  4. Nosi says:

    I miss the ponies ;P

  5. Delorfinde says:

    Oh dear …

    I thought we’d seen the worst of it with last year’s ponies.

  6. Rachel says:

    I love me a good prawnstitute though, I’m just sayin’

  7. Sheryl Craig says:

    Is this a Prawn Prank?

    I’m glad you included a photo- out here in land-locked Oklahoma, I wasn’t sure what you were talking about!

  8. Jack says:

    i am a proud prawn parent! that is, a parent of a prawn, not a parent who is a a prawn. i hate language ambiguities…

  9. Peter Biegal says:

    If this is related in any way to the race refered to as “Prawns”, please keep in mind that any non-governmental organization found to be helping them is subject to a fine and up to twenty years in jail. Organizations found in any of the nine districts where they are currently being contained may be subject to international punishment and/or trial in a different country and by that countries rules.
    From: Peter Biegal,
    MNU main office, Cape Town, South Africa

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