Protagonize Moderator Auditions

Some of you may recall that I posted a little teaser about this a few days back over on our Facebook page (oh — and be sure to become a fan if you’re not already!).

Now that we’ve reached the end of 2010, and with the new year encroaching a few brief hours away, what better time than to launch a little friendly competition amongst our Protagonize brethren?

Without further ado, I give you: the Protagonize Moderator Auditions!

Moderation on Protagonize

We’ve been short a moderator for a few months now, so I’ve decided that it’s time to staff up once more. As you’re all probably aware, being a moderator on Protagonize is a strictly a volunteer position, but it’s not without its benefits:

Moderators are able to: 

  • Edit, delete, and otherwise manage most types of content (stories, users, groups, comments, etc.) found on the site
  • Have free Plus-level account access during their tenure as a moderator
  • Have full beta access to new features as they are released
  • Get a their own email address (!)
  • Create an unlimited number of groups
  • Access a special moderators-only dashboard showing trends on the site
  • Discuss site-related (and other) topics within a private Moderators-only group
  • Have a spiffy moderator badge on their profile and throughout the site
  • Ban-Hammerâ„¢ spammers (this is probably the most popular feature they enjoy :)
  • … and a bunch of other stuff I can’t recall off the top of my head right now.

So, you ask — details about the contest!

Basic moderator requirements

I’ve discussed this with our existing team of six moderators and I’ve had them put together a list of questions based on the original call for prospective moderators issued back in 2009. The requirements to be considered to become a moderator are (mostly) the same — to recap:

  • Active Protagonize members who’ve been with us for at least 6 months and are passionate about the site
  • Applicants should be at least 16 years old
  • Applicants must be respected community members on the site (i.e. no outstanding reports is a good start!)
  • Must have the time to commit to moderation duties
  • Don’t be shy! Prospective moderators should be deeply involved in all aspects of our community
  • Cool, calm, mature and level-headed folks will have the upper hand when applying
  • Moderator status means you will actively represent and promote Protagonize on the site and in the world at large — try not to make us look bad ;)

(Feel free to dig through the original call for moderators post for more details about what the position entails.)

How will the auditions work?

Curious, are you? I’ve created a new group strictly for our moderator auditions. The group will be open and public for the duration of the “contest” — about 10 days — after which it will become restricted while our moderators judge the applicants.

The important bit:
Each and every applicant will need to create their own topic in the group’s discussion area, clearly entitled with their handle/name and that they are auditioning as a moderator. Within their topic, they will need to answer the list of questions that the moderators and I have assembled. There will be several questions to answer, some free-form and some specific. Failure to answer any of the questions will mean that your application will be disqualified from the auditions, so please make sure to read the questions carefully and answer them thoughtfully!

So… where do I audition again?

Go here:

Contest closing time & judging

Entries will close at some point on January 10th, 2011 (possibly midnight, possibly mid-day; either way, I’d suggest getting your application in early and avoid missing the deadline.)

We will be selecting one (1!) lucky prospective moderator from the batch of applications we receive. If you’re the lucky applicant, you’ll be notified within a few days of the close of applications. Once the selection is made, the winner will be promoted immediately.

Important note:
Please, don’t pester or badger myself or the other moderators for the status of your application — believe me, that will not help your case. :)

If you have any further questions, I’ve created a topic in the new auditions group where I (or the other moderators) will answer questions applicants may have. Please try and limit yourselves to asking questions only in that topic. I would prefer the group not become cluttered with random questions, so that the moderators and I can sift through the applications without too much trouble.

So, that said, on with the auditions! The moderation team is looking forward to reading your submissions. :)

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4 Responses to Protagonize Moderator Auditions

  1. Delorfinde says:

    I would love to audition, but unfortunately I’m not even fifteen until three weeks’ time!

    Maybe in a couple of years time? :D

    • Delorfinde says:

      Oh, and regarding the final question (since I couldn’t help reading them anyway), if I was auditioning my answer would be:

      “No, because the time involved in learning how to make pumpkin pie, buying pumpkins and then making the pies, not to mention delivering them (across the world!) would be a distraction from the noble work of moderating, and it would render me unable to do my job properly. Besides, I don’t like pumpkins.”

      :D Just had to share that! Hee hee.

  2. Lila says:

    I read the questions and I would absolutley love to answer 13.

    When I was a kid (around 7 or 8) me and my brother lived in a small town in Canada called Tillsonburg. Tillsonburg had a wonderfull lake that I cannot remember the name of. On this lake there was a dock and a gazibo that looks out to the water and also has a tunnel under it that leads to a fountain in the middle of the lake and one day my dad, my brother and I went to a small hut near the side of the road to get free apples to hand out to people (Canadian scout thing, free apples… we also sold cheese! ;P)

    anyways so one day we were there and I wanted to go on the dock to look at the water. At one end of the dock there were some teens fishing. One of them had a rather large fishing pole and I throught he was going to come down to the shore so I started backing up, to move out of his way.

    Unfortunately I fell. I’m sure you know where I fell, but I’ll just emphasise it with an onomatopoea:


    Anyways then my dad and brother, and loads of other people, rushed to the water and pulled me out… Then we had to go to my dad’s friend’s house to use his washing machine (we did not have one) I had to have a shower (at his house) and all I had to wear was a sweater my dad’s friend lent me. I must say it was an akward and embarrasing experience… but I laugh at it now, because I remember sitting with my brother playing computer games in sweater that was like a dress on me ;D

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