Protagonize turns 3!

Protagonize turns 3!It was three years ago this evening that I launched Protagonize, after several months of working off-and-on, followed by a couple of weeks of working like a maniac.

I still look back on those days and wonder how in the hell I managed to get that much done in so little time. :)

No, my family wasn’t particularly pleased that I spent every day leading up to Christmas frantically writing code in between wrapping gifts and shopping, but it all turned out pretty well, don’t you think?

I won’t go into a long drawling speech over what I’ve learned over the last three years, what I’ve done right or wrong, or where the site is going, but I will say this: I’ve had a great time and I’m guessing all 15,000 of you have, too. I’m looking forward to the next couple of months of being able to continue working on the site full-time, and I hope you’re all excited about where the site is headed. There are big changes in store for 2011 (all good, I promise.)

Here’s to Protagonize, and to our community, which makes it what it is. I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays and taking advantage of your time off to spend time with family, friends, catch up on your reading… and of course, to write! :)

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9 Responses to Protagonize turns 3!

  1. Verse47 says:

    Awe, congrats Nick! I can’t believe it’s been that long.. 2007 only seems a few days ago.. Anyway, I’m so happy this site has become what it is, and I can’t wait to see what changes and updates are in store for 2011 :)

    Happy holidays, everyone!

  2. Delorfinde says:

    Happy Christmas! It’s less than 18 months since I joined the site, yet I can’t imagine life without it as a constant stream of people to talk to and things to read … thank you so much for everything!

  3. Tricia says:

    Happy Birthday Protagonize, and congratulations on a great achievement, Nick :) Well worth all your hard work.

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  5. Miriam Rasoul says:

    I for one would be interested in reading this long drawling speech about what you’ve learnt, but just wanted to say that Protagonize is great and you had a fantastic idea in setting in up. Cheers and Happy New 2011.

  6. Jonty says:

    A very Happy Third Anniversary to Protagonize!

    Well done, Nick.

  7. Elorithryn says:

    And to think my son is older than this site! Only by two months though. No wonder I didn’t join until Protagonize was two years old. I probably didn’t have enough time for cahtting with all these awesome people that I’ve gotten to meet. (Or would have been to tired to be coherent, although I’m not always sure I am coherent all the time anyway….)

    So here’s a glass of eggnog to toast to the wonderfulness that this site it!

    Thanks Halfy Nick aka Boss Man

    ;} Eorithryn

  8. Kristanigrad says:

    That’s quite an achievement right there :)

    Happy Birthday Protag, and thanks!

  9. Robert Bruce says:

    Congrats Nick. Three years done well online is no easy task.

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