Story endings & updated browsing filters

Do you hear that sigh of relief? Yeah, that’s me. Sigh. I’ve finally gotten around to implementing a feature our Protagonize authors have been asking for… yeah, well, err… over two years.


Yes, your stories (or poems, writing exercises, or what have you) can now end. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately not that simple, but I’ve managed to add the option nonetheless.

Marking as an endingYou’ll see a new menu item in your Story/Branch Options menu on the ending chapters for your works on the site entitled “Mark as ending“. For the time being, I’ve limited this option to the original creator of the story or poem (etc.) While there are a lot of collaborative stories on the site where everyone has an equal stake in the storyline, it makes sense to let the original author act as the story’s curator, so-to-speak. They will have the final say on whether or not a chapter or branch constitutes an ending, although moderators can always change this as needed.

Also, if you decide to continue a work you’ve completed, you can simply unmark the final chapter (also via the Story/Branch Options menu) to continue it. Whenever you’re satisfied that it’s complete, you can mark the last chapter all over again, ad infinitum.

This is straightforward enough for standard, linear works. If the last chapter in a standard story is marked as an ending, the whole story is now considered complete. How does this affect addventures, though? Well, all open branches will need to be flagged as endings in an addventure for it to be considered complete. That means if your addventure has 25 open branches floating around, you’ll need to flag each and every one to complete the story. Sorry, that’s just the way it’s gotta be for now. :)

A welcome side-effect of this addition is that I’ve enhanced the filters on the browse pages, as well. Here’s a screenshot of the revised browsing filters to give you an idea of what’s changed:

New browsing filters on Protagonize

As you can see above, there’s a new row of filter checkboxes below the normal story type options. I’ve also taken the time to fix the solo story filter that’s been broken forever. The new filters when browsing (including on your My Works page, which has a couple of additional options) will let you filter out solo/collaborative works, incomplete and completed works, and whether or not to include mature works in your search results. For the time being, mature works are included by default, but this will eventually become a profile option.

The eagle-eyed among you will also notice that there is a new icon (not shown in the screenshot above) for completed stories. It’s down to the bottom right of story listings, beside the summary, tags, and solo mode icons.

This is just the beginning of a pretty extensive series of updates coming to the site. Hope you’re all looking forward to ’em. :)

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7 Responses to Story endings & updated browsing filters

  1. Nosirrah says:

    Oh that’s awesome! I just ended my very first anthology :)

  2. Rac7hel says:

    SWEET! Oh wait, I don’t think I’ve ever finished a single story on here. But, at least I can’t blame you for it anymore!

  3. Elorithryn says:

    /Tackle HUGGLES!
    You are pretty uber ther Mr. Half Boss man Nick. *giggles*

    Time to go tage come of my completed works. He He.

    :} Elorithryn

  4. Eloo says:

    Hey hey hey, don’t you go marking my NaNo novel as complete! :P

    Good stuff Nick, I think I shall go set my only finished story to complete now. Very exciting!

  5. SpookOfNight says:

    Wowee, thanks Nick!
    You’ll be pleased to know I’ve spent the past five minutes whizzing through my works playing with the new ending feature – I love it! Great work boss man! *bows in adoration*

  6. aryst0krat says:

    Very excited to see this implemented in addventures — I’m really looking forward to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style addventures, with multiple endings and an aspect of winning or losing involved. :D

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