Pardon the dust

It’s likely that you’ve noticed that the Protagonize blog is looking a little different this evening.

I’ve had some complaints from members on the site that malware has kept cropping up on the blog in recent months, and try as I might, the only way to get rid of it completely was to wipe the whole site clean and do a fresh installation of WordPress, our blog software.

I’m in the process of pulling in all of the old blog content — posts, comments, etc. — but it may take a little while before it’s all settled and looking normal again. Until then, please bear with me. :)

Thanks for your patience!

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13 Responses to Pardon the dust

  1. darkliquid says:

    I’m still getting the malware warning. In fact, I wasn’t getting it on the old blog and this new one is the first time I’ve seen it in a while.

    • Nick says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s from Google, not from the blog itself. Google sent me an email about the malware warning this afternoon, it takes a day or two before their index updates and they remove the warning from searches and re-index the blog without it.

      If you’re using Chrome, you’re probably getting the warning directly from them and it’s probably out of sync with the current site content.

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  3. darkliquid says:

    Ahh yeah, that’s probably it then. I did a quick hunt through the code and didn’t see anything immediately obvious as being malicious, so I guessed that was probably the case.

    • Nick says:

      Should be good now. I checked this morning and Google already seems to have reviewed my appeal and the malware warning is gone. If you’re still seeing it somewhere, definitely let me know.

  4. SpookOfNight says:

    *peers at reflection in shiny new blog*
    Niiiice. Good luck pulling it all together! I have enough problems organising my posts on my own blog, so I can only imagine the fun you’re going to be having Nick ;)

  5. Delorfinde says:

    If you’re on WordPress, how come my comments don’t appear to be from my WordPress account? That’s confuzzling.

  6. Jack says:

    is the header picture of your choosing? and if it is, can we expect to see something new once Halloween is over, or will it be the same Ptag logo from before?

    • Nick says:

      @Jack Yup, I liked the idea of having a rotating pic up there so that’s our Halloween theme. I’ll try and change it up every few weeks to keep it fresh. ;)

      Note: The image credit is in the page footer, too.

  7. Ritu says:

    Does this mean that WordPress users can follow the blog now by subscribing to it?

    • Nick says:

      @Ritu I think that only works for sites hosted directly on You can always subscribe to the blog via RSS, though, in Google Reader or any other feed reader.

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