Summer Poetry Tournament 2010

This is the fifth in a series of guest posts from select authors in Protagonize‘s creative writing community. Do you have something to say that might be of interest to our members? Feel free to contact us with blog ideas and share your passion for writing with our readers.

Are you a poet? Are you a critic of poetry? Are you competitive or just looking for some fun? Or perhaps you’d rather sit back and watch everyone else battle it out? Either way, we have room for you in Protagonize’s original Poetry Tournament. I will be telling you why you should join momentarily.

Protagonize's Summer Poetry Tournament 2010Hello, it’s Moonwalker and ElzuWolfe of Protagonize’s Poetry Workshop group and we’re running the seasonal Poetry Tournament for this Summer.

Everything has a beginning. Every story, every poem, every life. We all start somewhere. One year ago FogCat and ElzuWolfe began the poetical landslide that is the Poetry Tournament. Who would believe that this small, fun competition could grow into something that many would come to enjoy and talk about? I certainly didn’t.

It started with 8 poets and 3 judges. A humble gathering of people joining together with a familiar interest, yet our last tournament saw 30 poets and an equal number of judges. This Tournament has reached new proportions with the help of Rac7hel, Archi_Teuthis, smac972 and most of all: You.

The poets that come and join our Tournament every season are what make it so much fun. We have seen some amazing poetry, and undoubtedly everyone has had the chance to learn a thing or two about poetry and about life.

So why should you join the Poetry Tournament on the 8th of August, 2010? You should join if you have a poem in your heart, yearning for a place to shine.  It’s the perfect place to use your muse.  This is also a great place to go if you want to assist others’ abilities by giving them useful feedback and critique. Who knows, you might even learn something yourself, and make some new friends.

The Poetry Tournament is a brilliantly fun, learning experience with plenty of opportunity to share your work as a poet or a place to read some of protagonize’s phenomenal creativity. Interested? Apply as a judge now, or as a poet on the 8th August. The Tournament will commence on the 22nd. Make this your beginning.

Interested? You can find all you need to know about the tournament here, see you soon!

— Elzu & Moon

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6 Responses to Summer Poetry Tournament 2010

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  2. Verse47 says:

    Veryyy excited :) I’m predicting the best tournament yet!

  3. Archi says:


  4. Delorfinde says:

    I love what is says about ElzuWolfe at the bottom there, very funny :) But Moon doesn’t get a little bio?

  5. ElzuWolfe says:

    Hey Delorfinde, I’m working on getting Moonwalker’s one now :)

  6. Rakesh Agrawal says:

    Well Friends,
    Although I miss the poetry tournament 2010, but I’m attaching a poem of mine that I wrote for my little son Arnov.
    The Butterfly

    A pale green butterfly. Green color
    Very much like the color of grass around it
    Or that of wild bushes
    It flies all the way. Leading you to the school
    My little angle.
    You eager follow it. It meet other little angles
    In the school
    To become a worthy, valuable human
    Much better than me.

    You flow like brisk air. Holding
    My hand
    As I take you thru the journey of life
    You, too eager to go. Away from me
    Learning the alphabet of life
    Right from the scratch
    Bit by bit. Teaching me how to live
    On this lively planet. From the Almighty
    With your little hands. And large heart

    I learn the faces of life. From you
    You little angel. Or devil
    Depending whether you’re sleeping or awake
    Laughter filling the vacuum around me
    Your innocent laughter and shrill cries
    Teaching me a lesson. Or two
    Of life on this mortal earth
    For nothing they say
    Child is the father of man.

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