Calling all teachers!

Are you a teacher or educator in a school, university or creative writing program? Do you work with kids, young adults, or lifelong learners? Are you in some way involved with the education process, from the instructional side?

Calling all teachers -- Protagonize wants you!If so, Protagonize wants you!

I’m putting together an informal focus group targeted strictly at those in the business of education. What I’m trying to do is collect information directly from those who I expect will be interested in some collaborative teaching-oriented features that I’m in the process of designing for Protagonize. These education-oriented features are very important to the future of Protagonize, so I’d really like to get input straight from the horse’s mouth, so-to-speak.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself (and I know many of you have!), “Protagonize would be an amazing learning tool for my students, if only…, then this is your chance to provide me with direct feedback, gripes, enhancement requests, and suggestions, as well as to discuss potential educational avenues on the site with others in your métier.

So, if you’re involved in some way with the teaching process, particularly with language skills or creative writing, and you’re interested in participating in a group discussion regarding the future of Protagonize’s educational direction, please contact me (or post a comment below) and let me know! I’ll be in touch soon.

P.S. Please feel free to share this post with colleagues or friends you know of who might be interested in participating, as well!

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17 Responses to Calling all teachers!

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  2. ElshaHawk says:

    I am a licensed teacher, and wish I could teach a creative writing group. :)

  3. Angela Eiler says:


    I’m with you! Although I won’t be teaching for some time, thanks to the little smacette (a true protagonize baby!) on the way, I’m very willing to put my two cents into the fray.


  4. badk1ty says:

    I don’t currently have the education experience you are looking for and would be useless in your focus group. I am still taking this opportunity to ask you to consider including things for adult literacy learners. (People who did not learn to read or write well as children or do not speak the language of the country and are therefore considered illiterate.)

    Working as a tutor for literacy learners, I find it insulting (and somewhat a waste of their time and intelligence) to have to ask them to read Hop on Pop. It would be wonderful to have more adult geared literature and general writing exercises.

    Maybe some of this will fit into your bigger plans?

  5. kevin says:

    this sounds like an Amazing Idea!

  6. Ana Cristina says:

    I actually first heard about this site thanks to one of my high school students, so the educational connection is definitely there. As of yet, I haven’t used the site in any of my assignments, but I plan on using it this next school year.

    Maybe you could create a writing group just for teachers and their students to use, that way they could focus on that one part of the site and not be distracted by everything else. It would be amazing if teachers had the ability to create their own section within that group, so that the classroom experience can be replicated on the site.

    As the site stands now, I think it provides a great opportunity for teachers, and I look forward to using it with my students in the future.

  7. Crymzon says:

    I think this is a great idea.

    I’m not a teacher but I did major in English and Creative Writing Studies at university so I picked up a lot of tips and tricks along the way, plus I always wanted to be part of writers workshops more from a teaching angle. If I can be of any help I’d be glad to jump in and do what I can.

  8. Nick says:

    Thanks for all the feedback, folks. I’ll include everyone in here who’s posted that they’re interested in participating.

    If you have any other friends or colleagues in the education field whom you think might also be interested in joining the discussion, please forward this post their way or have them contact me directly!

  9. Blue Jay says:

    I’m an Early Childhood Educator. Protagonize is a too advanced for these little guys. But it would be neat to have a pre-literate literacy site.

    • Nick says:

      @BlueJay You might want to check out StoryBird. They’re basically a picture-book maker for kids (or anyone) based in eastern Canada – I had a great chat with their founder last week. They also have great support for teachers and classroom assignments. Definitely check it out.

  10. Tracey says:

    I am a middle grades Language Arts teacher and I am starting my 11th year teaching. I think this is a great idea since collaboration is huge in education and especially with middle school students. For the first time last year, I had a class participate in Nanowrimo. I would like to find a way to use Protagonize with Nanowrimo. Working with someone else would very likely help motivate the more reluctant writer.

  11. vaishali says:

    I am keen on being part of your project, more details can help me align myself.

    Looking Forward to a learning collaboration!

  12. ixarux says:

    I definitely thought I had commented on this some days back.

    Anyhow, I just started teaching middle school and have been involved with writing workshops. While collaborative work is definitely helpful for students, like Ana pointed out, you might want to create pockets of personalized spaces to not overwhelm or distract the students.

    Count me in if you wish to discuss this idea further.

  13. Mr. G. says:

    I just found out about this web site through a tech workshop. I teach High School Theatre Arts and, like others have stated, would really appreciate a private section to sign into. One of my projects is collaborative playwriting and this would be the perfect venue if not for the fact that anything posted is everywhere for everyone.

  14. Danielle says:

    Absolutely on board. I teach special education at the secondary level and will be spending the next year integrating technology into the curriculum not simply as a delivery method but as part the curriculum itself. The more availability of great tools and applications the more exposure I can give my students. Giving students the room and tools to express themselves takes more than a chalkboard and a dictionary, so thank you for a collaborative creative community to foster just that, collaboration, creativity and a sense of community for writers around the world!

  15. Rachel says:

    I teach 8th grade and would be interested in the conversation!

  16. Nick says:

    Thanks for the great response, everyone!

    I’ll be creating a private group in the next week or so for discussing Protagonize in the Classroom and will be inviting everyone who’s responded here or emailed me directly.

    -nick / protagonize

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