We heart ponies!!

Here at Pro.. err.. Ponytagonize, we’ve always had a major hankering fierce, burning love for all things pony. You may not have realized it from the start, but we’re all about the ponies. And I’m not talking laying bets at the track, either.

“Why ponies,” you ask? Well, why not ponies?

It is without further ado that I present to you, our dear authors, our new and fantastically awesometastic redesign.

We also invite you to check out our new featured group, as well as this week’s Editor’s Pick… not to mention, our featured author pony! We hope you find the new design eye-catching and all-around ponygasmic!

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13 Responses to We heart ponies!!

  1. g2 says:

    I’ve to say, this is absolutely great… quite a way to acknowledge to holiday! X)

  2. Nick, this is awesome. Major chuckle of the day.

  3. Argh! Why isn’t my earlier comment showing up?

  4. kevin says:

    Two question! Is this a joke? Will protag…. I mean ponytagonize go back to being protagonize. Not that I have anything agianst ponies! Just wondering.

  5. ElouiseLautner says:

    I had a mental breakdown when I saw this.
    It’s pink!!
    This is all for April Fools, right?

    • Nick says:

      Doh, sorry guys, not sure what happened but all of the comments on this post got tracked as spam. I un-spammed ’em all, so please continue to converse about our new awesomely pony-pink theme. :)

  6. Elemental says:

    I almost had a brick in my pants until i remembered the date… aha

  7. Elemental says:

    Aha, I was like
    “What the..? Ponies?!?!”

  8. RacPonyhel says:

    holy snap! I can’t believe I missed the ponies.

    *sigh* maybe next year.

  9. AmberactuallyPony says:

    When I logged in on Thursday, I looked at the thing, and jst kept staring at it with my mouth open, thinking, “Nick? Did you get a brain transplant?”
    And then I realized it was April Fool’s day :)
    That one was the best one yet :)

  10. SpookOfNight says:

    I nearly died laughing when I saw this come up… Nick, you have cost me my last shred of dignity when my entire dormitory turned around to see me laughing hysterically at this.

    Curse you and your brilliant sense of humour. xD

  11. hagamablabla says:

    I thought that I was either
    a) hallucinating from lack of sleep
    b) hallucinating from drinking 5 expressos in half an hour
    c) on the wrong website
    or d) on April 1st and not March 30th like I thought.
    I think we all know which one was right.

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