In honour of the Olympics, a competition

In honour of the Vancouver Olympics currently taking place in Protagonize’s hometown, a competition of equally monumental proportions seems in order, does it not?

The Challenge

Oftentimes it seems as though the smallest pebble can dislodge half a mountainside if you push it down the hill just so. Acts both large and inconsequential can have their impacts felt, as long as the conditions are right.

To enter the competition, authors must pen a tale in which a feat of wonder occurs, leading to some kind of unforseen conclusion. An feat of wonder can consist of many things, and doensn’t simply represent a feat of extraordinary strength or agility. It could also be genuinely caring gesture, a triumphant act of kindness, a noteworthy deed of bravery, daring sleight of hand, or a particularly worthy exploit of any kind. We’ll leave the classification up to our authors, who will also rate the submissions.

The Rules

  • You need to join the group to submit an entry. Once you join, your “Write a new story” button will become an “Enter this contest” button while you’re browsing this group.
  • Anyone can enter as many entries as they want, but only your highest rated story can win.
  • All entries must be stories (prose); no poetry or roleplays for this contest, please.
  • Stories can be collaborative or solo, although the original story author will be credited for the rating.
  • Each entry must in some way include a Feat of Wonder — how that works is up to the author.
  • Mature content is allowed.
  • Stories require at least ratings from at least 5 individual users to show up in the contest’s Top Rated listing.
  • Contest runs from now (well, I missed the start of the Olympics by a day or so) and closes on Feb. 28th at 5:30pm Pacific time. You can see the time remaining at the top of the contest main page.

The Prizes

  • The top-ranked author in the new leaderboard (check out the Stories page for the contest, once we have a few submissions) will win a free Plus account for one year. If the winner already has an account, they’ll be upgraded/extended for a year, or they can donate the account to another author.
  • In case of a two-way tie (i.e. same overall rating and number of ratings), both winners will be awarded a Pro account for one year.
  • In case of a multi-way tie, I’ll figure something else out. :)
  • The top 3 ranked authors will receive spiffy profile badges to commemorate their achievements.

This is effectively a beta test, so bear with me. This is the first time I’m attempting this contest group format before, and the first time I’m allowing stories in groups, so please report any issues or bugs you see. I’m sure some will crop up. If anything doesn’t make sense, please start a thread in the contest’s discussion area and we can figure it out.

Read to go? Enter the competition here.

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6 Responses to In honour of the Olympics, a competition

  1. I may have to enter just so I can see how the “stories attached to groups” thing works.

    Terribly, terribly exciting, my good man.

  2. trevor says:

    I already know that my first impulse to write about “feet of wonder” would be met with, yeah, clever, but, naaaaah…..”, so now I’m going to have wait for another impulsive!

    Cool contest idea — this has soooo many possibilities!

  3. Tricia says:

    @Trevor. Yes, that was my first impulse too… A story starting:

    I have always wondered about my feet…

    But that would just be silly.

  4. Seattle says:

    Just out of curiosity, in the title, do we have to mention that it’s for the competition, like this::

    “something something something (Feat. of Wonder Contest)


    Or can we just title it and go?


    • Nick says:

      You can just title it and go — no need to mention the contest in the title, it’s already attached to the group if you enter the contest through the group page. Just make sure you do that. :)

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