Down for maintenance [updated!]

Howdy folks,

UPDATE: We’re back up and running. It will likely take a few hours at least (and possibly a day or two at worst) for the DNS servers to update with the new site address, so if you’re seeing this, please hop over to our new server and hang out there until the domain name refreshes. If you see an IP address ( instead of the regular domain, don’t be concerned. It’s temporary. Eventually, everything will settle down. :)

Just a quick note to let you all know not to be worried — the site’s just down for some scheduled maintenance. I’m moving over to our new server this evening and unfortunately it’s going to require a couple of hours of downtime. Late night Pacific time seemed to be the best time to get this done (lowest traffic time on the site), so here we are. I’ll post an update here as soon as everything’s up and running smoothly again.

Thanks for your patience, and feel free to chat on the comments here in the meantime. :)

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3 Responses to Down for maintenance [updated!]

  1. darkliquid says:

    NOOOOO! I was just in the middle of writing something in Chrome and now it’s gone. Curse you!

    Oh well, not to worry. These things happen.

  2. Nick says:

    Sorry man. I did post about it on Twitter a few hours ago. You know what they say… it’ll be better once you re-write it. :D

  3. darkliquid says:

    Yeah, I just happened to be writing it as you started stuff so missed the notices I guess. It’s annoying Chrome wont let me go back to the form and just copy the text out. I’m going to leave the tab open in the hopes I can get it back when the site comes back up since it keeps wanting to resend the information (which hopefully means it’s still in Chrome somewhere!).

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