Winter's upon us, and another competition looms near…

Protagonize Winer Challenge 2009 It’s that time of year! Hot on the heels (well, sort of) of our Halloween Tales of Terror competition, we’ve  got another contest nearly ready to go… with a pretty awesome prize, in addition to the badges we awarded last time.

So, just a teaser for now, folks. We’ll have a full announcement in the coming days, but don’t fret; it’ll be awesome. And time time around, we have a very cool prize donated by one of our more prolific authors (the same author who designed the most excellent winter imagery to the right), so it must be awesome, right?

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog — we’ll have the full announcement at some point in the next week!

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4 Responses to Winter's upon us, and another competition looms near…

  1. Dan says:

    You are cordially invited to a free exhibition
    at the Boston Public Library

    The Raven in the Frog Pond:
    Edgar Allan Poe and the City of Boston

    December 17, 2009 – March 31, 2010

    For more information, please see:

  2. trevor says:

    the jpeg tag is “Protagonize Winer challenge”

    Lolling hard.

  3. Nick says:

    Gah, that’s what I get for posting stuff at 2am. It’s fixed. :p

    Incidentally, the recaptcha suggested code for this comment was “drown Pitt”. Interesting.

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