Tales of Terror contest winners!

Protagonzie "Tales of Terror" competition winners!As promised, after a couple of days of deliberation by our judges (the Protagonize moderation team), we’ve managed to decide on the winners of our inaugural 2009 Tales of Terror competition.

From the six finalists we had listed previously, we were to select one story as the Editor’s Pick for this week, and the second story’s author would be the Featured Author. Wouldn’t you know it, while we had a nearly unanimous 1st place winner, we managed to deadlock on the 2nd place finisher. So, I’ve decided to have three winners, instead.

(ubiquitous drum roll ensues)


1st Place: A Slice of Life (mature), by Faltarego

2nd Place (tie): Irrefutable Evidence, by lostmidtranslation and 17abbi

2nd Place (tie): Human no Longer (mature), by JackRubashevskiy

Due to the mature nature of Faltarego’s post, he’ll be our Featured Author this week, as with Jack next week, and Irrefutable Evidence will be our Editor’s Pick. As for prizes, I will have those contest winner badges ready for you guys by the end of this week — I’m in the process of showing my house and it’s a little hectic trying to get any work done there, for now. I’ll notify all the winners when the badges are ready!

Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to everyone who participated. We’ll be running these contests regularly, now that I’ve seen what the participation and reaction is like. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one — we’ve already got a spiffy prize ready to go!

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3 Responses to Tales of Terror contest winners!

  1. This blows my mind. Many thanks to the mods. And the voters. And the academy. And Ryan Seacrest.

    I honestly didn’t think I could write anything like that, but hey, the dark side has always been there, I guess…

    Muchos gracias, muchachos y muchachas.

  2. Jack says:

    Eric, you forgot to thank your mamma. i should think that she’d be included in there somewhere. maybe after Ryan.

    aaaaand, hurrah for ties! i was seriously contemplating changing all my expletives with “Aw gee!” to get rid of that Mature tag. i think it would’ve ruined the atmosphere…

    congrats, all!

  3. Tricia says:

    Congratulations to Eric – a worthy winner (with somewhat of a landslide victory) and to two great runners-up).

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