Life's a beach (well, not really…)

Paradisus Punta Cana

Just a quick update for you guys:

I’m going to be away on vacation (wedding/honeymoon/etc.) for the next couple of weeks in the Dominican Republic. If you don’t see me around (much), that’s the reason why.

Your lovely and talented moderators will be taking care of the site in my absence, so please feel free to heckle them… at your own peril. :)

On that note, the Editor’s Picks this week will likely go up a little earlier than usual — tonight. I’ll be in transit throughout Monday and Tuesday so I’m playing it safe and putting them up early.

I’ll be back home on August 19th. Until then, enjoy the dog days of summer, and keep on writing!

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2 Responses to Life's a beach (well, not really…)

  1. Engelik says:

    You’re going to the DR?! That’s my home country! I haven’t been back there for 4 years (due to economic reasons)! It’s a beautiful place, so soak it all in! Have fun and eat lots of “mangu” and “arroz con abichuela y carne”!

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