Groups are officially live!

The day you’ve all been anticipating has finally arrived — Protagonize groups (phase one) are live! Yes, it’s definitely been a long time coming, but I definitely think it was worth the wait.

There are still some things to be done, so please bear with me and be patient. We’ve been in beta for a few weeks now, but there are still outstanding issues and probably a few bugs to work out. I figured getting them up and running for the entire site sooner rather than later was probably in the best interest of everyone here, as opposed to waiting until I worked out every little detail and tiny feature.

Phase two will feature group creation and management, and phase three will let you add stories to groups. I may merge these two phases into a single release, depending on how things work out over the next couple of weeks.

To give you an idea of where we’re at currently, here are some of the things that are still to come for phase one (i.e. I’ll be adding these over the  course of the next week or so):

  • Notifications: these aren’t turned on for groups yet (!)
  • The ability to report topics (and eventually groups) isn’t enabled yet
  • The main site activity feed doesn’t display anything group-related (for now)
  • A list of groups you belong to on your profile, and in the main groups listing somewhere
  • The group’s activity feed summary needs to be added to the Group Overview tab
  • Group announcements aren’t editable just yet (group managers, this will be ready ASAP)
  • The ability to watch/favourite a topic in a group
  • RSS feeds on groups
  • Search for a topic

Please don’t file bug reports for anything in the above list — I’m still working on this stuff so you’ll see it show up progressively over the next week or so. And as with all major site updates, you may need to clear your browser cache to get all of the changes.

In the meantime, enjoy groups. Feel free to send me feedback directly, or post suggestions or ideas in the fancy new Protagonize Pub, while you’re there. :)

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