Groups phase 1 launch update

Howdy folks,

You may be aware that the beta team and myself have been quietly testing discussions inside groups for the last couple of weeks and I think it’s making pretty awesome progress. It’s taken a little longer to get this going than I had hoped for, due to a variety of local events I’ve had to contend with and prepare for over the last two weeks. However, I’m excited to say that we’re getting close to having phase 1 ready to go (hopefully by the end of this week), so I thought I’d give you a little heads-up about what to expect.

What you’ll be seeing in this first phase is basically a handful of groups you’ll be able to participate immediately after this initial launch:

“System” groups that are open to anyone:
  • Protagonize Pub (primarily for public/general chat, basically)
  • New Members (new members will be auto-joined to this group)

I’ll operate both of these system-wide groups, and they’ll be open to everyone. While group creation by Protagonize members is the major portion of the phase 2 release, I thought it would be extra awesome to have several of our beta testers lead a few additional starter groups that’ll be available right out of the gates. Several of our testers have been kind enough to volunteer to take on this additional mantle, which I think will really add to the experience for the rest of our users. These groups, and their leaders, are:

Member-led groups for Phase 1

I’d like to thank all of our beta users for the testing they’ve done to date, and for their awesome participation in the beta forums. I’ve gotten a metric ton of great suggestions and feature ideas from them and I’ve tweaked the discussion areas pretty heavily based on their feedback. They’ll be testing out the new groups landing pages and sub-sections this week before I push all of these changes out to the rest of our members.

Watch for these new features to be available late this week or early next week. Cheers! :)

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8 Responses to Groups phase 1 launch update

  1. aryst0krat says:

    I feel odd about being the only non-capitalized person on there.

    What an odd thing to feel odd about.

  2. darkliquid says:

    Don’t worry, it’s not the size of the letter but what you do with it that counts…

  3. How do we join the open groups, as non-beta users:D

  4. Nick says:

    The groups will be open once we launch ’em, right now they’re still in beta testing for a few more days.

    There’ll be a new menu option for you to get to them. And I’ll probably make an announcement about it. :)

  5. Dayla says:

    Erm… I don’t like this… how do I find anything on here?

  6. aryst0krat says:

    Are you referring, Dayla, to protagonize redirecting here?

    It’s just under construction for a bit :) Hard to tell what happened if you didn’t see the tweet, though :P

  7. Nick says:

    Sorry guys, I booted the site over to the blog while the main site was down for updates.

    It’s all back up and running now. :)

  8. Dayla says:

    Thanks :) I couldn’t find anything so I started panicking haha, thanks Nick!
    And yeah Aryst0krat, haha, I was so confused! All’s good now lol

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