Speaking at VanUE tonight!

Designing for the Community Experience - VanUENot sure how I managed to let this slip my mind (well, posting it on the blog, at least), but if you’re in the greater Vancouver area and have nothing to do tonight, I’m going to be speaking down at the Vancouver User Experience Group about Designing for the Community Experience. The event takes place over at the Vancouver Film School (downtown) and it looks to be a surprisingly large crowd already. There’s also going to be a bit of an after-party at Steamworks following the event, which should be fun.

You can register for the event (registration’s not mandatory, just helpful) on Facebook or Upcoming.org. I’d love to see a few Protagonists down there — if you happen to come by, please drop by and say hello!

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2 Responses to Speaking at VanUE tonight!

  1. Jack says:

    i almost died of a fit of laughter, but eventually convinced myself to click the link to see if my suspicions were correct. luckily, they weren’t, and your after party won’t be happening at the Steamworks in Vancouver (and Victoria) that /i/ was thinking about.

  2. Nick says:

    If I had any idea what you meant, I’d probably start laughing too. I assume you didn’t mean the PumpJack instead? :p

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