Maintenance downtime

Hi folks,

UPDATE @ 2:34am PST: Site’s back up! Beta testers, enjoy the new features. (Hint: check the “Activity” menu!)

Just a quick note to let you all know that the site will be down for approximately an hour (barring problems) while I push up some rather large changes.

For the curious among you, I’m in the process of putting the first phase of the groups beta live for our beta testers. This unfortunately requires me to take the whole site down because of the extensive database changes necessary.

When the site goes back up, you probably won’t see a difference if you’re not in the beta; not to worry, though — this will allow our testers to take a look through the new features (discussion groups, for the time being) and start testing, while I continue to push out updates for them throughout the week. The general public should have access to phase 1 of groups within the next week or two, once I decide it’s ready to go.

For future reference, I’ll always announce extended downtime (i.e. more than a few minutes) on Twitter ahead of time. You’ll see these updates in the News area of the homepage, but it’s always easier if you’re on Twitter. Please follow Protagonize on Twitter to keep up with our updates!

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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