Meet your moderators…

Indecision...As you may recall, I posted a call for moderator applications here on the Protagonize blog a few weeks back. Well, as usual, our authors have succeeded in making my life difficult. I was hoping to have somewhere between 3-5 moderators, and I received over a dozen impressive, high-quality applications for the position.

In other words, you guys made the choice much harder than I expected it to be. With this in mind, I ended up selecting seven (7!) moderators from amongst our membership. All of these authors have shown exceptional commitment to helping our community evolve and grow, and I think they’re all very deserving of this (somewhat awesome) recognition.

The worthy folks I’ve selected as moderators won’t have their priviledges until groups are released publicly, but for the time being, feel free to congratulate them all!

In addition, as a thank you to to those who weren’t selected as moderators, I have a little bonus for you. I’ve decided to give special beta accounts to everyone who sent in a application or expressed interest to me in some way about the moderator positions. I’ll be flagging these accounts in the next couple of days, and I’ll let you all know via email if you’ve been selected.

Drum roll, please…

Congratulations to our new moderators!

I’ll be contacting all of our newly minted moderators in the next day or two via email to discuss your responsibilities and when they’ll start. They’ll all be rewarded with free pro accounts on Protagonize (once they go live), and they’ll be granted full moderator priviledges in the next week or two.

In the meantime, please feel free to high-five all of these seven folks if you see them online. ;)

In alphabetical order…

anacristina1 Tasha_Noble darkliquid eloosive
AnaCristina Tasha_Noble darkliquid Eloosive
JackRubashevskiy jdxx RedheadRose  
JackRubashevskiy jdxx RedheadRose  

Thanks again for all of the applications I’ve received — if you applied and didn’t make the first round of selection, there are good odds you’ll be first on the list if I decide I need additional moderators, so don’t despair!

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21 Responses to Meet your moderators…

  1. aryst0krat says:

    darkliquid was a pick? No way!

    Seriously though, congrats guys. I look forward to… being bossed around and stuff :)

  2. Gwen (g2) says:

    Congrats all! Although, I have to say I’m not in the least surprised at the choice; well picked. -thumbs up-

  3. Asheyna says:

    Grats guys!!!

  4. Eric the Faltar says:

    These are all fine folks, good citizens, and all-around generally hygienic and pleasant-smelling people. They should make life easier for you, Nick. Just don’t let it go to their heads. They might get all uppity on you.

  5. Rac7hel says:

    I don’t know… that darkliquid guy looks pretty sketchy to me :-P

  6. Jack says:

    well first, congrats to everyone! second, congrats to Jack! hahah. and third, thanks to everyone who has and will be offering their own congrats. i’m sure that all of your guys’ support will make our work, and Nick’s as well, quite easy. again, t h a n k s!

  7. Thanks guys, really feeling the love here… :P

    I’m guessing it’s my top secret job application technique that swung the vote. I’ll give you a hint though: it involves lesbian nazi turtles with bad haircuts. Yes, really.

    Wow, I can’t believe it! This is awesome!

    Congratulations my fellow moderators!

  8. Unrelated, does anyone find that image creepy? At first I thought it was holding some scissors like it’s was some kind of psycho seal, coming to cut you up in the night while staring at you with it’s cold, dark, dead eyes… *shudders*

  9. Eloo says:

    Wow, thanks all.

    And yes Dark, that … whatever it is… freaks me the hell out.

  10. Jack says:

    i like it! s/he/it (wow. i wonder if the profanity filter will like that one) is now unofficially our unofficial mascot. or at least officially my official mascot.

  11. Tricia says:

    Congrats all.

  12. Robyn says:

    Wow. This is nice to see after having phailed a math test (or so I think I phailed)! =DD

    Congrats to everrrrybody! And thank you very much, Nick. I think you’ll find yourself getting some more sleep now! ^^


  13. moonwalker says:

    Congrats everybody.You guys will help Nick a lot! I think maybe he had a little bit more on his plate than anybody could chew alone.
    Good luck everybody.

  14. trevor says:

    Well, at least the constant randy “solicitations” from Eloo might finally subside. Or will they get WORSE? And JACK?!

    JACK?! Are you kidding me? Jack R.? No offense, Nick, but *JACK*? Again, JACK?!


    sounds fun

  15. Robyn says:

    Uhm, okay. Is this photo of Dark’s that everyone’s referring to his profile pic, or the drop of water?? =/

  16. Ana Cristina says:

    I’m humbled to be chosen among such awesome people. :-D

    And I second Robyn’s question — which pic are we talking about???

  17. Ana Cristina says:

    P.S.) I think the CAPTCHA on this page is flirting with me. It just asked me to spell out the words “you adorable.”

  18. The Mighty Tim says:

    We’re not expected to salute them or anything, are we now? I’m not sayin’ they don’t deserve respect, but saluting’s going a bit far. I’m certainly not going to curtsy, that’s for sure. No sir, no dainty little curtsies from me.

  19. Archi Teuthis says:

    WOOT!! Great choices, Nick! So exciting, I’m sure you guys will help out bunches and bunches :D

  20. Archi Teuthis says:

    Oh! And I thought the pic [up there at the top] was a one of those teddy bear factory thingys. I think it’s CUTE :D [maybe psychotic too, but whatever]

  21. Robyn says:

    Lawl, yes, I totally agree about the picture. Very cool =DD

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