Protagonize a finalist at 2009 SXSW Web Awards!

SXSW Interactive '09I don’t have a whole lot of information about this just yet, but I thought I’d pass along some awesome news: Protagonize is a finalist in the Community category for this year’s SXSW Web Awards! Don’t believe me? Check out the list of official finalists, released this afternoon:

There’s some serious heavy-hitters in the finalist list this year (as always with SXSW!), including formidable past winners such as Flickr, Ars Technica, and Stumbleupon; new entries Hulu,, Brightkite, and SoundCloud, and Penguin’s We Tell Stories project; and even local guys (and fellow co-nominees at the 2008 CNMA Awards) Pixton, among others.

Even in the Community category, Protagonize is up against four other top-notch community sites, including Yahoo!’s Delicious 2.0, which should be an interesting face-off (ahem.)

I’ll post more about what all this nomination entails once I have it — they’re being pretty stingy with the information over at the selection committee right now. I think it does increase my odds of being at SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX next quite severely, though.

Once I hear more about it, I’ll let y’all know. :)

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10 Responses to Protagonize a finalist at 2009 SXSW Web Awards!

  1. Eloo says:

    Congrats Nick – well deserved!

  2. Archi Teuthis says:

    YAYZ! You must be so proud! I’m sure this will open up Protagonize to even more spots and interest.

    Thanks so much for it, Nick!

  3. Nick says:

    Thanks guys!

    Yeah, I’m pretty stoked about this one. Even as a finalist, it’s awesome exposure for Protagonize and considering my car got vandalized this morning, it kinda turns a shitty day into a good day, all things considered. :)

    I may actually fly down to Austin for the event next month, if the organizers are kind enough to give me a free pass to the conference (or something along those lines), which would be pretty awesome.

  4. Ana Cristina says:

    That’s awesome, Nick! Congrats and well deserved. :-D

  5. BARomero says:

    Congrats, Nick! If memory serves, the “Other Site” was nominated for the same category (as well as another category). A bunch of us collaborated to write the acceptance speech, an edited down version of which was actually used during the awards ceremony. Maybe we can do the same here?

  6. Robyn says:

    Yay! Congrats Nick =)

    What with all your hard work and care for the website, you are definitely entitled to the recognition.

    Best of luck and kudos to you for such a wonderful achievement!


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