Short & Sweet: A list of authors on Twitter

I’m thinking I may turn this into a regular feature, a quick and dirty little update on something interesting I’ve come across that you guys may take a shine to.

Today’s Short & Sweet: I noticed a tweet from popular blogger/author and incredibly popular Twitter user Wil Wheaton (@wilw) that I thought I’d pass along. If any of you guys are on Twitter, he passed along a list of published authors you can follow there (via Felicia Day):

@feliciaday put together an awesome list of authors who use Twitter:…

I had no idea Neil Gaiman, Diane Duane or John Cleese were on Twitter. Very cool.

(And yes, I’m obviously on Twitter as well — you can follow me at @nickb for my personal updates, if you so desire.)

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6 Responses to Short & Sweet: A list of authors on Twitter

  1. thx0477 says:

    Such an interesting thing that technology does to art and commerce and creativity. It makes me wonder if Hemingway was on Twitter if anyone would have been able to dissuade him for his tragic end. Or if everyone would have just thought he was being ’emo’.

  2. CheshireGrin says:

    Ack. That almost makes me want to use twitter, just to read what Neil Gaiman is up to. It would make me feel a bit like a stalker though. I’m still adjusting to this idea of our lives all being incredibly public. Plus if I joined I’d have so little of interest to update myself with. “Reading Geertz, thinking he’s ok.” “Reading Geertz, thinking he’s an idiot.” “Slacked off and spent an hour reading stories on Protag.” lol.

    Thanks for sharing that though Nick! Very cool to know about!

  3. cass says:

    Neil Gaiman ?

    No disrespect to you Nick,but i think i shall see what Neil G. is up to first….

  4. Dark Liquid says:

    I’m glad you didn’t entitle this ‘Short and Tweet’, otherwise I would be obliged to hurt you ;)

    Kudos to Felicia on the list though, I’ll have to check it out and start using my twitter account more often, especially since my microblogging platform of choice – Jaiku – seems to be being shutdown now.

  5. Nick says:

    If I had said that, DL, I probably would have been forced to hurt myself. :)

  6. ALRO613 says:

    Hahaha.. Short & Tweet .. that woulda been Tweet!
    Guuuh… I give permission to officially slap me up-side the head!

    All joking aside… Twitter is the latest addiction.

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