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So you may think I’m a couple of days late in posting this, but you’d be wrong (wrong, I say!) because I just pushed some fresh changes to Protagonize yesterday that you should all find useful.

The Story settings window is available on any story for which you’re the original author, but you can no longer edit. That means that if the red Edit story link has disappeared (generally either after 24 hours of publishing your story, or if someone else has posted a follow-up branch or chapter), you’ll see the story settings link show up in your right-hand navigation bar (see below.)

New feature: Story settingsThere are three things you can do in the story settings window:

  1. Assuming you have permission to do so. As I posted about earlier this week, you can toggle solo mode on the story in question, provided you’re the only author in the story to-date.
  2. You can now toggle the mature flag on stories after-the-fact. This can be done at any time, so if you happen to accidentally set it one way or the other when posting your story, you can now change it back to the proper setting yourself. That should reduce the amount of “improperly flagged mature” reports that I get regularly. :)
  3. The new addition from yesterday is the option to delete your story. Why on earth would you want to do this, you ask? Well, if you posted something that’s not quite ready for prime-time, or you feel that you have an old post that no one’s looked at that you’d like to remove, or any other reason, you can now delete entire stories provided you are the only author participating in the story. Yes, this means that if you wrote 10 chapters all by your lonesome, you can still drop that story like a bad habit if you so choose. Just keep in mind that deletion is permanent, so I can’t retrieve the story for you if you once it’s gone. There’s couple of confirmations you’ll need to go through, just to make sure you don’t accidentally delete anything you didn’t mean to. And you can’t delete a story anyone else has collaborated on with you, either. This should (again) reduce the amount of reports I have to deal with. More power to the people!

Hope you guys find this new addition useful. I’m still chugging away on a variety of things for the site and I think you’ll really enjoy all the stuff I have lined up for Protagonize in the coming six weeks before Christmas!

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5 Responses to New feature: Story settings

  1. Kevichella says:

    Awesome changes, especially the changing of mature and deletion bits!

  2. sidk says:

    Good feature. I have an idea for another feature to the story settings option – change a story from addventure to linear by killing off a branch (when maybe one branch is empty or when maybe one branch contains contributions by the main author only). I could really use this feature. :-)

  3. Nick says:

    Hey Sidk –

    That’s on my to-do list for the future. It’s not as easy as it sounds, especially if the addventure has multiple branches, but I think I can get something basic working where if no one’s branched more than once per step, we can convert to linear down the road…

  4. I agree with sidk, it’s a Good feature, please keep up this great work

  5. Given the whole Facebook mess where stuff that’s deleted was not actually going to be deleted, being able to actually delete things is always a good thing

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