Video roundup for June 2-8, 2008

I apologize, I missed a week between video blog updates. To make up for it, this video’s longer than last week’s… (actually, it wasn’t on purpose; work with me here, people!)

This week, the video’s lighting is a touch better, my skin doesn’t have the unhealthy pallor it had last time (damn those ceiling lights!), and I got a haircut. Yay! (ahem.)

The links referenced in the video are posted below for your convenience. Enjoy!

Here’s the external link to the roundup on Viddler if you have trouble loading it up here.

… and here are this week’s links:

Editor’s Pick: Old Soldier by seldom

Featured Author: donmari

… and last week’s:

Editor’s Pick: The Life and Times of Bella Pleasance by Tasha_Noble

Featured Author: Dysphemism

See you next week with another video update — stay tuned!

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