Protagonize reaches 2,000 author plateau!

Protagonize hits 2,000 registered authors!Just as we crossed into the month of June last night, we signed up our 2,000th registered author! It appears the word about Protagonize has been spreading a little faster of late. It feels like I just watched the site hit 1,500 authors (and I did, only 3 weeks ago); prior to that, we hit 1,000 members in April.

In the last few months, Protagonize’s popularity has been growing steadily, and I’ve watched our community’s growth (and growing pains) as we’ve all adapted to working together in this collaborative environment. I’ve gotten some excellent suggestions and feedback from both new members and from folks who have been with us since the get-go, and I’ve made changes to the site to support our expanding membership.

I want to make sure everyone knows that I’m working on some major enhancements to the site that should really encourage everyone to write and connect more with other authors. The addition of micro-communities in the form of groups is the biggest upcoming change to the site. And yes, I’m committing to a deadline this month. Keep your hats on: writing circles will be live by July 1st! Watch for ’em, they’ll be hard to miss. :)

Thanks again to everyone who’s contributed in some way to Protagonize. Whether you were member 200 or member 2,000, you guys are what keep the site going strong. I hope you’ll be with us for a long time to come. :)

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2 Responses to Protagonize reaches 2,000 author plateau!

  1. seldom says:

    Excellent! Looking forward to the groups. Thanks! As someone who has swamped the site with various stories, I appreciate all your hard work. :)

  2. donna says:

    hey thats really cool, i introduced a few people, fellow budding authors, lets keep it up. Its looking good on the site as it is. ;)

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