Weekly roundup for May 12-18, 2008

Oh, do I have a doozy for you guys this time. Video! Yes, you heard it here first. The weekly roundup is now going to be in video format. Here’s the first attempt, apologies for the crappy production, but this is the first time I’ve posted anything video-related anywhere. ;)

The links referenced in the video are posted below for your convenience. Enjoy!

Here’s the external link to the roundup on Viddler if you have trouble loading it up here.


… and here are this week’s links:

Editor’s Pick: Angel Killer by redhat

Featured Author: somebodysomeday83

Press links:

Simple and Stunning (Part 2): 10 Website Designs that Inspire

Social Networks- Time to Specialize

So yeah, that’s that for this week. Let me know if this is an improvement over the old-style roundup posts. :)

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9 Responses to Weekly roundup for May 12-18, 2008

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  2. James says:

    It’s like you’re a white Geordie! All you need is the visor…wait wrong show.

    Love the video feed idea though, much better way to keep things interesting, because lets face it, tiny words on a computer screen make my eyes hurt. Love the little blips on the slider to let us know where to go for new topics in the video.

    Sweet deal.

  3. redhat says:

    Very cool. Thanks for the feature too. It’s kind of strange hearing somebody read what I wrote. Do you track hits on featured stories and authors to see how much traffic increases?

  4. nick says:

    Thanks for the feedback, guys (here and on my profile!)..

    Yes, I do track hits on the features (not specifically, but everything gets tracked) and they are consistently the most popoular story and author profile each week. I’m going from just what I see on the stats, but that’s been the trend so far.

  5. donna says:

    hey greaat idea the video call! and boy you look so different in the flesh lol. but its good. i love the site.

  6. Beckatitis says:

    Good idea, people seem to love watching videos.

  7. nick says:

    Sorry guys – I’m a bit late on this week’s roundup video, been crazy busy! Will have something up very soon. :)

  8. jait says:

    While I really like the idea of posting a wishlist or bookshelf of favorites for each author’s profile, I’m more and more hesitant to use Amazon.Com, and would feel vaguely ethically… dirty for using it.

    Most recently, it’s been about the way they’re slowly strangling self-publishers by forcing them to use amazon’s associated print-on-demand service instead of any other one… creating a monopoly and increasing publishers (and authors) publishing expenses.

    My first source for this info came from:

    Of course, I’d like to see some benefit to the users of Protagonize for whatever service is used… but I’d like to see some benefit to YOU, as provider of the service. And that may well outweight the potential cons.If we can find methods to offset financial costs, I’m all for it…

    Still, if we’re going to direct traffic to a website like Amazon.Com, Protagonize should get something out of it too.

  9. jait says:

    And I like the video. It certainly gives the site a more human face….

    If you’re in Victoria sometime (or next time I’m in Vancouver), if you’re up for a free photo-shoot, let me know…

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