Wordclay sponsoring short story contest

Wordclay Short Story Contest Here’s an interesting tidbit for all of our Protagonize authors: Wordclay, a new Protagonize sponsor for the month of May, is running a short story contest on their website that you may be interested in participating in. Entering the contest is free, so you have only your pride at stake if you decide to enter. :)

Wordclay is a no-cost DIY self-publishing company that uses an online publishing wizard to design and generate books by emerging writers. The Short Story Contest that they’re sponsoring is actually their second official contest process, the first being a poetry contest that ended in February.

Here’s an overview of the short story contest that I’ve excerpted from their site:

Becoming a member and registering your personal information with Wordclay will ensure we know how to contact you should you win prizes or be selected as a finalist to appear in the next Wordclay Best Modern Voices anthology series.

All literature is by nature unique and individual. We are supportive of all forms of expression; however, for this contest, we ask that you adhere to these terms:

  • In order to enter, each writer should register online at www.Wordclay.com and submit his or her work electronically as a Microsoft Word document.
  • There are no entry fees, no subsidy payment and no purchases of any kind required to enter and/or win the contest.
  • There are no previous publishing requirements to enter this contest.
  • Entries are judged on the basis of originality, creative imagination, characterization, artistic quality and the adherence to length limitations. All decisions by the judges are final.

I encourage you all to go and check out the contest and submit your work! Wordclay has been kind enough to sponsor Protagonize for the duration of the contest and we’d love to show them some support.

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One Response to Wordclay sponsoring short story contest

  1. Thanks, Protagonize, for prompt to our contest.

    We’re thrilled to sponsor our short story contest and support Protagonize as well. As I mentioned within one of our blog posts (http://freeself-publishing.com), Protagonize is an exciting way to engage emerging writers and readers alike, and I’m certain you’ll continue to encourage your members for years to come.

    Thanks agian!


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