Weekly update for April 21 – 27, 2008

Erm, apparently I mis-dated my update last week. It’s a little late to change it now, so I’ll just leave it alone. In any case, it’s Monday again, and I have a couple of new features for you on Protagonize.

This week’s featured author is intoalkaseltzer, a 27-year-old journalist joining us from Canada. intoalkaseltzer has posted one story and two branches or chapters since joining the site, in addition to posting 2 comments, and she has a 4.00 average rating based on 3 ratings from other Protagonists. Congrats!

You can check out intoalkaseltzer‘s profile here.

This week’s Editor’s Pick is “Outsmart“, a curiously enticing linear story from popular Protagonist — and regular in our Top Rated authors list for the last few weeks — Rac7hel. As of right now, the story has 13 branches and 11 comments, ranks fifth in the Protagonize Hot Stories list and has been rated 30 times for an average of 4.63 (out of 5.)

Here’s a little bit to get you started:

“You and your enemy are alone in his grand, extravagant house. He has asked you to have a brandy with him, and you have accepted his invitation. He does not realize that you know about him, that you know what he is. His back is turned to you while he pours the drinks. You wonder whether this conversation you’re about to have will accomplish anything. You can’t let him know that you suspect him, or he will surely kill you. But you can’t let him continue to do what he’s doing…”

You can view there rest of “Outsmart” here.

I’m going to be going on vacation for a few days starting this Friday; I’m spending my 30th birthday in style — on the beach in Hawaii! So, here’s hoping the site stays in one piece while I’m away, or as comedian George Carlin so eloquently put it:

“I’m not concerned about all hell breaking loose, but that a PART of hell will break loose… it’ll be much harder to detect.”

I’ll also be posting a little more detailed of an explanation as to how I go about picking features sometime in the next day or so. Keep an eye on the blog if you’re interested in being featured in the future!

 Any ideas or suggestions? Feel free to comment here and let me know.

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