Community building demo slides from SocialCamp App Nite

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I was invited to demo Protagonize and talk a bit about developing collaborative, community applications down at SocialCamp’s App Nite following the Open Web 2008 conference in Vancouver. The presentation went pretty well, with a small-ish crowd on-hand of about 40 people, and I had time to get through most of my presentation and demo the site for a few minutes, as well as answer a few questions from the folks who attended.

Aside from my laptop being used and abused by every presenter after me (okay, maybe I’m blowing that a bit out of proportion, but it was pretty funny), I’m hoping Protagonize got some good exposure out of it and I did manage to speak to a variety of interesting folks with some great ideas for the site at the after-party at Steamworks. I also got to see a few locally-developed Facebook apps that were pretty slick — and actually make money (!!).

I thought I’d share the slides from my presentation last night (it’s a pretty short slide deck, as I only had about 15-20 minutes to present and demo the site.)

[slideshare id=355828&doc=socialcampappniteprotagonize20080415-1208322018190080-8&rel=0]

Here’s the direct link on Slideshare, too:

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2 Responses to Community building demo slides from SocialCamp App Nite

  1. redhat says:

    Good stuff Nick! I think you’ve come up with a winner as far as compelling content goes. Hopefully it will continue to pick up steam.

  2. nick says:

    Thanks Dave – it went pretty well. And I hope you’re right about the compelling content. So far it seems to be working out nicely. :)

    All things being equal, it wasn’t the best audience for my presentation as they were more into embedded Facebook applications and that sort of perspective and less into the whole community building aspect. I think it gave me some good experience in presenting, though, and hopefully it’ll lead to more exposure for the site, and eventually more speaking engagements or demos.

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