Vancouver SocialCamp App Nite — Protagonize Live Demo and Q&A

Just a quick note: Gerald Bauer of the Vancouver AJAX Developer Group (among other things) has kindly invited me to come and give a quick “lightning talk” (i.e. a 10-15 minute talk followed by a demo and Q&A about the site) about Protagonize at SocialCamp Vancouver’s App Nite. It’s taking place tomorrow evening (around 5:00 – 6:30pm) after the Open Web Vancouver 2008 conference down at Canada Place on the waterfront in downtown Vancouver.

Here’s the blurb about my talk, in case you’re curious:

Protagonize – A collaborative fiction writing community w/ Nick Bouton

Protagonize is a creative writing community dedicated to writing various forms of collaborative, interactive fiction. One author writes a story, and others post branches or chapters to it in different directions. The result is an organic, evolving story where everyone can participate.

Nick Bouton will discuss community building in niche markets, Facebook integration, and contrast Facebook’s walled garden approach with the development and nurturing of a stand-alone social network / community site.

I’ll be putting together some slides for my presentation tonight, and I’ll be live demoing the site during my talk. If any Protagonize authors happen to be around downtown Vancouver tomorrow after work, come down and let me know — I’d love to meet some of you guys in person!

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3 Responses to Vancouver SocialCamp App Nite — Protagonize Live Demo and Q&A

  1. redhat says:

    Very cool. If I’m on while you’re doing the demo, I’ll try and watch my language.

  2. Ganga says:

    Good luck on the presentation, Nick! I’m sorry I won’t be able to get off in time from work in Burnaby to reach Downtown tonight. I hope there will be other such presentations & opportunities for protagonizers in Vancouver to meet up soon!

  3. nick says:

    Thanks, guys. It went pretty well, had about 40 people or so in the crowd. The slides from my presentation are up here.

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