Weekly roundup: March 24 – 30, 2008

Back again with the Protagonize roundup. A day late and a buck short.


Apologies for the delay in getting this out — the beginning to this week has been amazingly hectic and the weekend was filled with… Wii.

I caved in and bought a Nintendo Wii on Good Friday (an excellent way to spend a day off.) After calling a dozen stores to actually find one, I spent the better part of the weekend playing Wii Tennis, Golf, Rayman Raving Rabbids, and generally eating a lot of turkey, I have the most incredibly sore shoulders and forearms. It’s ridiculous, actually, considering I’m not totally inactive. My arms really shouldn’t hurt this much.

So yeah, as I listen to the latest Bran Van 3000 album (which is surprisingly good), here goes nothin’…

As usual, we have another fresh featured story for you tonight. Okay, well, it’s been featured for a day and a half already, so it may not be totally new to you, but it’s the thought that counts. :)

This week’s Editor’s Pick is “After Hours“, an addventure by the lovely and prolific Jillian, another Canadian (like myself) who’s been a featured author on Protagonize in the past. Her recent contribution to the site has picked up an admirable rating of 4.58 (as of tonight) based on 12 ratings, and has been commented on 4 times and favourited 4 times.

Here’s a snippet from this week’s feature:

“”It’s your move.”

“No it’s not; I just went.”

“You did? Where?”

“Knight to E4. See, there.”

Oh, so you did. It’s my turn then.”

“Yes, it’s your turn.” The curator agreed, leaning back in his chair once again.

His name was Archibald Leech, the curator of his very own, rather significant, art museum. He was getting on in years; in fact, he would be seventy-one just next month. His beard was scruffy and white, along with the little hair he had left on top of his spotted head. He was the sort of man that had always worn crisp, ironed khaki pants and the sort of man that always would. He carried a cane also; once upon a time it had been a fashion accessory but now it was a life necessity. His life’s passion was to walk among the walls of art in his museum; gaze upon their beauty, restore them to near perfection, and above all, contemplate the mysteries that lay within them.”

You can view there rest of “After Hours” here:



This week’s featured author is Writers_Block, a 25-year old chap from Canada, completing our Canadian sweep of features for the week. Writers_Block’s most popular story (currently) is “Villains”, which was a close second choice for our Editor’s Pick this week. Yes, that’s how I select the featured authors… sometimes. :)

Writers_Block has posted 7 stories and 5 branches or chapters, as well as a whopping 22 comments, and has tallied a fabulous average rating of 4.58 from 33 total ratings by other Protagonize members. Nice work, Writers_Block!


You check out Writers_Block’s profile here:



We’ve been featured on a few interactive fiction blogs this week but I’m going to link to something totally unrelated to IF tonight. Head over to Konigi (a pretty sweet design blog / gallery, if I do say so myself) and vote for us!

protagonize | Konigi

protagonize new stuff

This week’s been pretty light feature-wise, but I managed to squeak in some minor user interface changes in a variety of places that you may have noticed. We have some other spiffy stuff in store for the rest of the week too. I’ll keep this short and just include a little visual taste of what we have in store within the next couple of days.

As usual, you guys have produced some spectacular content this week. The quality of the writing on the site so far never fails to amaze me. I’m having a harder and harder time picking features every Sunday night… to the point where I have to dedicate an hour to just catching up to my page-marked stories from throughout the week just to make my selections. My goal is for more and more writers to both use and enjoy the site, so please make sure to tell your friends about Protagonize and help build our author community!

In the meantime, please spread the word about Protagonize (hit that “share” link on our Facebook product page and get your friends to sign up!), and be sure sign up on the site and subscribe to our blog at http://blog.protagonize.com.

You can also follow Protagonize updates on Twitter here:


Eyes are drooping. My pillow calls. Time for bed. Have a great week!

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