Minor layout changes tonight

Hey guys,

Just a quick note to get things started off here. I’ve implemented some changes to the homepage and main stories page layout that you might have noticed — the Featured Story has moved to the main Stories page, and the homepage now has a feed from our blog integrated in.

This saves us a lot of hassle and lets us post news items to the site in a much simpler fashion. The “New at Protagonize” column on the right of the homepage will now only show really major site updates or FAQ / Help documentation that users should be made aware of, instead of including blog posts and other miscellaneous items.

The idea is that we want you guys to be able to see what’s going on with the site a little more clearly, so moving things around this way seemed like the logical solution. If you have any comments about these changes, or if you’d like to provide any other feedback on the site, please comment here and we’ll do our best to reply in a timely fashion. :)

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  1. Wordclay says:

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    You guys are great!

    Keep up the good work!

    The Wordclay Team

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