Weekly roundup: February 25 – March 2, 2008

Hey folks. Guess what time it is? Oscar night… err… yeah, time for another Protagonize weekly roundup!

I was out of town on holiday for most of the week, but it looks as though the site trudged on nicely without me. In fact, we had another excellent week in terms of traffic numbers, and I’m happy to see that we seem to be forming quite the dedicated group of regulars on the site (you know who you are, guys!)

Once again, I’ll suggest that you sign up as a Protagonize fan on Facebook. I know, it’s a shameless self-promotional appeal, but it’s also a cool way to keep an eye on what’s going on with Protagonize without having to resort to the mess of feeds in your RSS reader.

Here goes…

Thanks to all Protagonists for their contributions this week! This is probably the first week that I’ve had a really hard time picking the featured story and author since I launched the site. There’s been so much good quality writing that I feel guilty just picking one of each! I promise you, folks, if you contribute quality content, you’ll definitely get yourself featured eventually. :)With that in mind, we have a couple of new Protagonize members contributing both our features this time around…

This week’s featured story is “SongWeaver“, a linear story by new author Terran_Nytefyer. Since the story was posted yesterday, “SongWeaver” has accumulated an elaborate set of 6 chapters from 3 different authors.

Here’s a taste:

As Finn turned a corner, to make his way to another street through an alley, from behind a stack of boxes came an old man. He was wheezing, moaning, and clutching his chest.

Finn blinked as the old man, clothed in tattered rags which used to be clean and fresh clothes, collapsed into his arms. The man was heavy, and Finn soon found himself on his knees, still trying to hold onto the old man…

You can view there rest of “SongWeaver” here:

This week’s featured author is Nosferatu_Man23, having posted 4 stories and 2 branches as of this writing, all of them since joining 5 days ago. With 23 ratings as of this writing, his stories are averaging an excellent rating of 4.5 (out of 5) overall.You check out Nosferatu_Man23’s profile here:

protagonize: interactive fiction & collaborative story writing community This week was pretty light from a new feature perspective, but we do have something fun to announce: Protagonize link badges, which we described a few weeks back in our second feature preview article.What are link badges, you ask? Well, they’re images you can place on your site to link back to Protagonize, in a variety of ways. We’ve provided a variety of sizes and button styles depending on your blog or site layout.

You can check out our listing of link badges here:
http://www.protagonize.com/help/linking.aspxIn the long term, we plan to allow you guys to actually show off your own stories and/or author ratings directly on your sites, but for the time being we hope these will satisfy your linking needs.

Well, we didn’t get quite the big headlines we got last week, but this week Protagonize was featured on a variety of smaller yet notable blogs.Rev2.org picked us up with a favourable review, Technosailor blogged about his experiences with writing on Protagonize on his technology and new media blog, and Techvibes posted their monthly Vancouver Start-up Index, in which Protagonize jumped a big 8 spots to land at #12 for the month of February. Sweet!

If you’d like to check out the posts in question, here are the links to the individual articles:

Protagonize: Community-Powered Collaborative Story Writing – Rev2.org

Technosailor – Afrika

Techvibes – Vancouver Start-up Index – February 2008

That’s it for this week. We’ll be back next week with more Protagonize goings-on!In the meantime, please spread the word about Protagonize (hit that “share” link on our Facebook product page and get your friends to sign up!), and be sure sign up on the site and subscribe to our blog at http://blog.protagonize.com.

See you next week!

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