New feature: Friendly URLs

We’ve introduced another new feature today: friendly URLs. Now that we have a dedicated server, we’re able to add some nice little features like this one. It’s pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, but it actually makes everyone’s lives a lot simpler.

Here are a few examples of the friendly URLs in use:

Want to check out an author’s profile page (including yours)? The new URL format is:

For instance, my author profile is now available at:

Want to see all stories with a specific tag, like adventure? Here’s an example:

Categories work similarly. Stories in the Science Fiction category can now be found at:

Story and branch URLs have been simplified a bit too; they now resemble blog post URLs. For example, this week’s featured story, My Lesson in Randometry, can now be accessed at this URL:

Branches follow a similar notation; a random branch in the above story is available here:


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