We've moved to new digs

ServerBeach Our apologies if you happened to run into any downtime while visiting the site in the last 12 hours or so. Protagonize has just moved to a new dedicated server at ServerBeach, a Peer1 company. We had some trouble with e-mail to the Protagonize.com domain last night and early this morning, but it turned out just to be a configuration issue. The rest of the site migration went quite smoothly.

Moving to a dedicated server also allows us to introduce a whole bevy of performance enhancements to the site that we weren’t able to take advantage of before. We’ve already made a few changes this morning that should result in the site loading significantly faster in many areas for all of our readers. We’ll be making a few more changes to improve site performance throughout the course of the coming couple of weeks, but the service interruptions should be over with for the time being.

Thanks for your patience, and happy reading!

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  1. Rajan Sodhi says:

    Welcome to the Beach! We’re happy to have you. Let us know how were doing so we can ensure you enjoy your stay. Cheers.

    Rajan (aka marketing guy at PEER 1/ServerBeach)

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