Protagonize featured on today!

protagonize: community-driven interactive fiction Protagonize is the featured story on today! Sarah Liss of interviewed me over the weekend and we discussed the site — from concept to launch — in some detail. I’m very pleased with the article and I hope it’ll be a boon to Protagonize’s growth.

Here’s a quote from the interview:

“”I don’t like a lot of the sites where they’ve created this false sense of community but they never ever interact,” he says. Bouton started strategizing the site to pass the time during his fiancée’s weeknight shifts at nursing school. Since he began sketching out the project in June 2007, it’s kept him busier than he ever expected. Over the last several weeks, he’s averaged four hours of sleep a night. Judging from his output, he’s up late cobbling together his own curious narratives.

“Unlike the limited plot options dictated by the authors of those old-school Choose Your Own Adventures, these Web 2.0 versions can stretch on into perpetuity. Sometimes, Bouton plays the part of deus ex machina, stepping in to rescue a narrative from a premature death. Bouton cautions users that the quickest way to kill a ripping yarn is by offing its main character. In one hilarious instance, the hapless heroine of the tale “Hot or not?” succumbed to death by “cuncer” (likely a misspelling). Seeing this pitfall, Bouton quickly intervened. “Fortunately,” Bouton wrote, “Cuncer is 100% curable, unlike the notorious Cancer. Whew, close call there.””

You can read the rest of the interview over at

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